Windows 10 Crash

Diskutiere Windows 10 Crash im Windows 10 Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community; Hey guys, I’m facing a bit of a difficult problem. Since about a week my PC boots just fine and (most of the time) I am able to log in, all my...
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Hey guys,

I’m facing a bit of a difficult problem. Since about a week my PC boots just fine and (most of the time) I am able to log in, all my startup programs (Rainmeter+Wallpaper engine). Then after a few seconds to a few minutes the screen just goes black, no BSOD all sound buzzez out and stops and after 10 seconds the pc reboots and the cycle repeats. Sometimes I get to the repair options screen. I have tried resetting to an earlier backup point, startup helper, resetting the whole drive, but every time some error message occurs(memory_management, tried to write readonly memory etc.) Any ideas?

Pc specs:


msi z-390 carbon

seasonic 600 watt gold psu i believe

rtx 2070ti

1tb samsung ssd(windows)

3tb hdd(rest)

Windows 10 Crash

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