Windows 10 Bluescreen caused by ntoskrnl.exe pls help

Diskutiere Windows 10 Bluescreen caused by ntoskrnl.exe pls help im Windows 10 Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community; So... for now about 3 months or so my PC started crashing on me for no apparent reason (at first). There are no patterns or anything, it just...


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So... for now about 3 months or so my PC started crashing on me for no apparent reason (at first).

There are no patterns or anything, it just crashes. The crahes became more and more recent and I began to worry and for a reason cause now my PC is in a state where I can't use it properly and I don't know what to do anymore.

First, my PC (custom build, not by me, I'm new to all this):

Intel Core i7 7700K 4.2 Ghz (8 threads)

Nvidia GeForce Gtx 1070 (8 GB VRAM)

16 GB RAM G.Skill Tridenz Z at 3200 Mhz

As Rock Fatal1ty Z270 K6

2 HDDs (both Seagate) one with 1TB and one with 2TB

BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. P 2.30 26.02.2018 (currently latest version)

Now, what I've already tried:

- read dump files (it's only caused by ntoskrnl.exe and NOTHING ELSE)

it also said DPC_WATCHDOGS_VIOLATION every time it crashed

- Internet said I should update my drivers and I did that, Everything updated to the last bit

- I ran a Hard Drive Test that told me one of my Hard Drives has some issues (switched that one to a completely new one)

- soon gonna change the other Hard Rive too, as well as the RAM and maybe the power supply

- I deleted most of the content of both hard drives to see if it was a failing installation of a program, or if it simply couldn't handle the Data

- I updated my BIOS to the newest version (that fixed the problem for like an hour, then it stared crashing again)

- I ran MemTest on all my RAM for 8h - 10h once without it finding an issue (also ran windows on board RAM test, no issues either)

- changed the SATA cables to both drives

- I monitored my CPU temperature to see if it was having some cooling issues but it doesn't rise above 60 degree celsius at any time (mostly at about

40 or 50 degree)

Sometimes I can use the PC for 2 hours with any problems and sometimes it crashes every 5 minutes.

Also every time I download a game (e.g. from Uplay) my PC crashes when the game is about 80 to 90% done with downloading. But that's really the only pattern I could find.

if you can help me or have any idea how to fix this don't hesitate to answer. Also if you need any further information pls ask.

And as I said, I understand a little from computers but I'm still new to the issue.

I speak German and a little English

Windows 10 Bluescreen caused by ntoskrnl.exe pls help

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