Schwarze Flecken auf dem Bildschirm

Diskutiere Schwarze Flecken auf dem Bildschirm im Surface Book / Pro Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community; Hello Community, I get in touch, since I am (actually) happy owner of a Book 2, i5 8350u for a week or should be. Already with my first device...


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Hello Community,

I get in touch, since I am (actually) happy owner of a Book 2, i5 8350u for a week or should be. Already with my first device but it came to many errors, including the display error described here in the form of black dots.

The device was exchanged immediately and I have the same problem again (see photo).


I have already turned to the telephone support from Microsoft. That was an impudence, unfortunately I have to say so - I spent a total of almost 90 minutes in the line: From the problem sign up to the upload of photos. I'm told (with a device that is not a week old and already a Umtauschgerät!) Actually nothing. After less than an hour you were able to tell me that it was a software problem. Thanks for that!

I was then quasi advised to return the device and get the money refunded. I have not experienced that either. No word of reparation and solution of the problem. Really a joke when you think about what you have paid for it.

So again the real problem: Does anyone have such problems? That would be very funny if I have problems with two devices and no one else. If so, how did you handle it and perhaps solved the problem?

Thank you in advance! I have to work off something again now ..

Here is a photo. You see, it occurs in different places.


Schwarze Flecken auf dem Bildschirm

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