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Ich weiss nicht was genau Du wissen willst aber ich Poste mal die Readme dieser Disk! :D

Bart's way to create a...
Microsoft Client TCP/IP bootdisk v1.6c

by Bart Lagerweij,


## Introduction ##

Bart's msclient boot disk is a customized TCP/IP network boot disk that enables
you to connect to a network share on a Windows NT/2K or Windows 9x/ME machine
using a range of network cards.

Currently supported adapters are:
Driver Description
ELPC3 3Com EtherLink III PCMCIA (3C589)
ELNK3 3Com Etherlink III (3C509)
EL90X 3Com EtherLink (3C90X)
EL59X 3Com Fast Etherlink (3C59X)
NETFLX3 Compaq NetFlex-3/Netelligent
DC21X4 Digital DC21x4
E100B Intel 8255x-based
NE2000 NE2000 compatible
SMC9432 SMC9432TX EtherPower II 10/100
EL3C574 3Com-Megahertz 574 LAN PC Card (3C574)
ELPC575 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus (3C575)
XCEMNDIS Xircom Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56 Adapter (XEM)
PCNTND AMD PCNet Ethernet Adapter

For a more detailed PCI adapter list look at "\net\"

Special features of Bart's network boot disk:
You can select what protocol to use, TCP/IP or Netbeui.
PCI network adapter auto-detection.
Before starting the network client you can change/edit: username, machinename,
workgroup, disable DHCP, IPaddress, subnetmask, gateway, name server, domain
name suffix, cpu speed and drive mapping.
It has "ping.exe" and "ipconfig" to check your connection.
DNS name resolution.
You can edit protocol.ini, system.ini and lmhosts before starting network
services. This will allow you to set I/O port or IRQ for some non PCI network
You can slowdown the speed of the CPU to avoid divide by zero
#1.3] errors on Pentium III machines >500MHz.
My boot disk works with VMware! This is just luck... I don't use VMware
myself. But I've heard from people that creating a bootable DOS network boot
disk in VMware is not easy! VMware users need to add DOSIDLE.EXE to there
msclient boot disk!
You can save the configuration to disk. This makes it very easy to create
"custom" network boot disks for system with different settings.
You can add extra commands, like drive mappings or start applications in a
separate file (netdone.bat)

## Adding a new adapter ##

You will need a driver and renamed protocol.ini for your new adapter. For
example if your drivername is E100B then your driver is called E100B.DOS (some
drivers use .EXE, thats OK) and your renamed protocol.ini file should be called
E100B.INI. For a sample protocol.ini look at \net\newnic.ini and replace all
"xxxx"'s with the drivername.

You must copy the driver and .ini file onto the boot disk, you have two options:
Copy them to the \net directory.
You should try this at first to see if it is working. This option is easy but
takes more room on the boot disk.
Pack them into the \net\nic.rar archive.
Do this if you know the driver and .ini file works OK. This takes less room on
the boot disk.
Add your driver and a short description to \net\nic.txt. This is for manual
If your adapter is PCI based, it can be autodetected by "pciscan" and it should
also be added to \net\ Run pciscan -v to see vendor and device ID and
add it to \net\ For more information run "pciscan /?"...
To create a RAR file you can use winrar, look here

For compression enhancement use the attributes 'solid', 'multimedia' and
blocksize of '1024 bytes' (thanks to Ahmad Masrieh).

Rar.exe (command line) example:

rar a -mm -s -md1024 -m5 -ep nic.rar nic\*.*


## Used files and information ##

To create this boot disk I've used files/information from:
PciScan v1.02 by Bart Lagerweij. [/utils]
BovisTech TCP/IP v3 boot disk by [email protected].
How to create a bootable TCP/IP CD-ROM by Guillaume Bordier.
WBAT Dialog Box Tool and LMOD by Horst Schaeffer.
XmsDsk by Franck Uberto.
Ini.exe, (french) written by Quan Lee.
Terse 1.5, Tiny text editor, by Joseph (Yossi) Gil.
RAR archiver by Eugene Roshal
Slowdown v2.00 by Bret Johnson
CuteMouse v1.8final
This boot disk was primarily created to use at work.
And work is at: Computer Technology Systems BV, The Netherlands.


## Credit ##

Credit goes to:

Philippe Wampach, for adding: "edit lmhosts" and "use .exe ndis drivers", select
tcp/netbeui, domain and other changes.
Stefan Drees, for adding: DNS support and other fixes.
Ahmad Masrieh, for testing in VMware, rar format enhancement and other hints.
Ed Myers, for adding "save configuration" (great idea), netdone.bat and other
All who helped me with hints, ideas and feedback.

## FAQ ##

Does Bart's network boot disk work with VMware?

YES! VMware emulates a AMD PCNet PCI Adapter, which is included in the nic.rar
file from version 1.4
You need to add DOSIDLE.EXE to your boot disk!

I have build a bootdisc for our network. I scan the networkcard with pciscan but
with some cards pciscan detects wrong IDs. ATI AT-2560FX PCI Ethernet Adapter
scans by pciscan -v with following IDs ven=8086, dev=1229 that is the same like
ven=8086 "Intel"
dev=1229 "8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100)"
How can I detect the difference between those cards?

There is no difference (not from driver point of view)
vendor id 0x8086 is "Intel"
device id 0x1229 is "8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100)"

You should use only one entry, and one driver for all those like this:
ven=8086 "Intel"
dev=1229 "8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100)"

You can have this problem also with other network adapters. Always try to find
the "original" manufacturer and network model and the driver for that card!

You may observe a long delay when you copy a file from an MS-DOS client to a
Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer using the TCP/IP protocol. This behavior
does not occur when you copy a file from an MS-DOS client to a computer running
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98, or
when you copy a file from Windows 2000-based computer to an MS-DOS-based

See Microsoft KB Q244826

Some people report back that they have problems using a 3Com 905B (3c905b)
network adapter.

A solution was found by Eric Schwarz: disable Plug and Play in the BIOS.

By default the password is not saved to a:\custom.bat (for security)
You can add a password line to a:\custom.bat manually:

set logonpass=xxxx


## Create the boot disk ##

The lastest version can be found at

You will need a Windows 9x workstation to create the boot disk. Goto the
"Command prompt" and use the commands shown below. Dos 6.xx can also be used,
but instruction below assume you're on a windows 9x box.

Format a bootable Dos diskette.
format a: /u /s

For Dos 7.x: delete the drvspace.bin file (we don't need it)
attrib -s -h -r a:\drvspace.bin
del a:\drvspace.bin

Create "\bin" directory
mkdir a:\bin

Copy the following files to the "\bin" directory on floppy:

copy %windir%\himem.sys a:\bin
copy %windir%\emm386.exe a:\bin
copy %windir%\command\ a:\bin

Download (~600KB). Unpack file to floppy.
Make sure you expand the subdirectories! So when using pkunzip.exe use the -d


## History ##

v1.6c - Driver update
Updated EL90X.DOS driver to v5.2.4 (ethercd v5.4)
Thanks to Ahmad Masrieh for the notification.

v1.6b - Bugfix update
Added UMB.COM, for more conventional memory.
Added "-ems-" parameter to UNRAR.EXE to prevent "unable to write to device"
error message on some systems.
Updated dc21x4.dos driver from v2.3 to v3.0.
When leaving the workgroup empty, it will be set to "workgroup".
Fixed file for 3c90x and 3c59x.
Updated el90x.dos driver to v5.2.2

v1.6a Oops, wrong config.sys in v1.6. Has been updated.

Removed "d=256" emm386 parameter. This would let a Intel E100B nic "hang".
Select protocol, tcpip or netbeui.
Use full director if domain name is entered.
Save configuration to disk (into %sourcedisk%\CUSTOM.BAT). Before saving a
"configuration" dialog is shown where one can change NIC detection
options/timeout, "customize settings" dialog options/timeout.
Moved map drive to share from dialog windows into "netdone.bat". This batch file
can be used for mapping and starting applications and other stuff.
Lots of minor changes.

Added password input box.
Added map drive and share input box.
Added a 10 second timeout to the "customize settings" dialog box.
Disabled the autologon in system.ini and added a line with net logon.
Added "ipconfig".
Removed NT domain login option (requires full redirector and takes 100KB more
Some minor changes.

Added network adapters:
EL3C574, 3Com-Megahertz 574 LAN PC Card (3C574)
ELPC575, 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus (3C575)
PCNTND, AMD PCNet Ethernet Adapter

Random machine name "PCxxxxxx".
Added name server resolution support.
Added help option in "customize settings" dialog box.
Added logon domain\username in "customize settings" dialog box.

Added option to edit lmhosts, usefull if you need to pass through a gateway.
Added option to use .exe ndis drivers.

Added CuteMouse driver.
In version 1.2 the checkbox for "disable dhcp" did not work, fixed!

Config.sys, using multiboot menu with and without emm386.
Using RAR (unrar v2.5 is freeware) instead of CAB files. Saves 43KB floppy space
(at current).
Added CPU slowdown option.
When no PCI BIOS was found (on 486) execution was aborted. Changed it to goto
manual mode.

v1.1 First public release.


© 2000-2001, Bart Lagerweij - to contact me:

cu :devil


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:sleepy :nixweis ne leider biste ins schwarze getappt. Ich dachte eher was man damit machen kann? Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das das einfach nur eine Diskette ist die man reinschiebt wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe und dann von woanders das Netzwerk Booten bzw. hochfahren kann. Aber wie gesagt habe keinen Pall davon daher meine Frage was man damit anstellen kann.

das was du mir gepostet hast war nett von dir aber leider habe ich keinen blassen schima davon


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Mit der Disk kannst Du den PC gleich mit Netzwerk zugriff Booten! Um z.B. ein Image (Drive Image oder Ghost) auf den PC zu ziehen!

Vielleich hilft das mehr :D

cu :devil


Dabei seit
ja jetzt habe ich es verstanden. also garnicht mal so übel solch eine Diskette zu haben *g* direkt mal speichern :danke


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