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Hi, I've got a problem and can't seem to reach any human being from tech support, while the suggestions on the Support Website are not helpful to me.

After the latest data breach I wanted to reset all my passwords and did the very stupid thing of resetting Windows before I saved my new Google password somewhere else than on my Windows account. Now I don't have access to either of the accounts, and because I'm using two-factor-identification, there is no way of retrieving my password and both are locked now. To bypass the Security Lock on my Windows Account, I had to answer a row of questions about my account. I didn't remember all the answers, e.g. because I hadn't used my Skype Account in years. So, I got the notification that there is not enough information to confirm me as the owner of my account. I tried a second attempt - this time with another Email-Adress to receive the code there - got the same questionnaire, answered it, and then received the message that, as I had already sent a previous request to restore my account, the current one will be ignored. So basically, it looks like neither of my requests are being looked into and I can't think of another way of retrieving my account and the data stored on it. (I did call the hotline number loads of times, but didn't get hold of an actual person or helpful advice and I don't really want to spend any more on my phone bill because of this). If I could get direct help or at least a tech support mail adress that directs me to someone who can help find a solution, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Locked account - no information

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