Gothic - The Film Released!

Diskutiere Gothic - The Film Released! im Games-News Forum im Bereich News; Hallo! Gothic - The Film Released! 1:43:45 of gameplay footage. A few months ago, dedicated fans of the Gothic series compiled a feature...


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Gothic - The Film Released!


1:43:45 of gameplay footage.

A few months ago, dedicated fans of the Gothic series compiled a feature length film of the very first Gothic game made of in-game videos and with the dialogue spoken while playing the game. They managed to cover the entire plot of the game and with the help of the actors who spoke the characters as well as Piranha Bytes and the community of World of Gothic, the film was released in September 2006 shortly before the release of Gothic 3. Months later, an English version has been released. Both movies have been added in our download area (thanks: World of Gothic). Enjoy :)

Gothic - The Film (English) (556.94MB)
Gothic - The Film (German) (630.8MB)


Gothic - The Film Released!

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