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Diskutiere Neue Features in Version 1.1 des Forums im Ankündigungen und Infos zum WinBoard Forum im Bereich Community; Other: [NEW] Events Calendar Other: [NEW] COPPA compliance Private Messages: [NEW] Forward Message Private Messages: [NEW] Graphic display on allocated storage size remaining Private Messages: ...

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  1. Neue Features in Version 1.1 des Forums #1
    Other: [NEW] Events Calendar
    Other: [NEW] COPPA compliance

    Private Messages: [NEW] Forward Message
    Private Messages: [NEW] Graphic display on allocated storage size remaining
    Private Messages: [NEW] Message Tracking
    Private Messages: [NEW] Carbon Copy Feature
    Private Messages: [NEW] Save as draft feature
    Private Messages: [NEW] Ability to receive email notification of any new private messages
    Private Messages: [NEW] "Select all read messages" link
    Private Messages: [IMPROVED] Cleaner interface with a more logical structure
    Private Messages: [IMPLEMENTED] Email notification of new PM's

    Posting: [NEW] Ability to remove, or change an attachment when editing
    Posting: [NEW] Ability to add or remove the "Edit by" line (group setting)
    Posting: [NEW] Ability to restrict the time edits are allowed
    Posting: [NEW] Root forums can accept sub forums and remain postable
    Posting: [NEW] Admin ability to stop quote embedding
    Posting: [NEW] Group Promotion; admin option (per group) to allow a member to be promoted to another group based on posts
    Posting: [IMPROVED] Improved Code Buttons
    Posting: [NEW] Ability to set an independent poll question to the topic title
    Posting: [NEW] Admin ability to allow [URL] and[IMG] tags in polls

    Moderation: [NEW] IP Management center: Look up IP address, find all users that match an IP or find all posts made under an IP
    Moderation: [NEW] Ability to view / unsubscribe all users from a topic
    Moderation: [NEW] Ability to merge two topics into one
    Moderation: [NEW] Ability to split a topic into two
    Moderation: [NEW] Ability to move a topic directly after posting
    Moderation: [NEW] Admin option: View Topic History; produces topic overview and any related entries from the moderator logs
    Moderation: [IMPROVED] Re-written Moderators Control Panel: Includes topic by topic selection to move/prune/pin/unpin/close/open and delete

    Search: [NEW] Search flooding added (by member group)
    Search: [NEW] View results as posts
    Search: [IMPROVED] Increase in speed and effiency

    Admin: [NEW] Ability to set a limit to auto prune topic subscriptions
    Admin: [NEW] Ability to set up custom profile fields
    Admin: [NEW] Ability to change the active user list cut off minutes
    Admin: [NEW] Ability to add individual members to the post moderation queue
    Admin: [NEW] Ability to add a group as a moderator.
    Admin: [NEW] Upload permissions can be set on/off for each group in each forum.
    Admin: [NEW] Enhanced template editing system
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Compare tool
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Search tool
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Restore tool
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Change text area box size tool
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Quick HTML entity look up tool
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Macro look up tool
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Ability to edit sections independently
    Admin: [NEW] Template editing: Full safe mode upload/download functions
    Admin: [NEW] New macro system giving more flexibility in skinning design
    Admin: [NEW] Statistics center, giving daily, monthly information for posts, new topics, registrations and topic views
    Admin: [NEW] Auto redirect to Admin CP after successful log in
    Admin: [NEW] Redirect choice added; 'HTML' for servers unable to process 'location' and 'redirect'
    Admin: [NEW] Quick Help system; offering more information on the more complex Invision Board ACP features
    Admin: [NEW] CSS Editing: Preview Tool; preview a CSS definition with an easy to read definition breakdown
    Admin: [NEW] CSS Editing: Find Tool; Search the templates for a CSS definition usage
    Admin: [NEW] CSS Editing: Upload a stylesheet straight from your computer. FTP not required
    Admin: [NEW] Emoticons: Upload an emoticon from your computer to the board. FTP not required
    Admin: [NEW] Advanced Member Search Functions, query by last posting date, last active date, email, IP and more
    Admin: [NEW] Ability to change a member's username
    Admin: [NEW] "Mission critical" administration logging
    Admin: [NEW] Bulk emailer; email members based on group, last online and post count
    Admin: [NEW] mySQL tool box; includes table information, optimize, repair, analyze, check, export and quick query functionality
    Admin: [NEW] User Group option to allow users to post in "closed" topics
    Admin: [NEW] Ability to set a default language

    Interface: [NEW] Ability to download a copy of the topic in HTML or Microsoft Word compatible format
    Interface: [NEW] Quick log in box for guest users
    Interface: [NEW] After log in, you're taken to the page you logged in from
    Interface: [NEW] Users browsing forums feature (can be switched off)
    Interface: [NEW] Users browsing topics feature (can be switched off)
    Interface: [NEW] Yahoo! Icon linked to Yahoo! Messenger Console
    Interface: [NEW] MSN Icon linked to MSN Messenger Console
    Interface: [NEW] Ability to choose posts per page and topics per page
    Interface: [NEW] Report post to moderator link on each post
    Interface: [NEW] Who posted featurette
    Interface: [NEW] "Browse Buddy"; a floating 'pallete' launcher
    Interface: [IMPROVED] Base skin font sizes increased
    Interface: [IMPROVED] Edited by line now in viewers time zone
    Interface: [IMPROVED] Pinned topics have their own HTML rows and start / end rows
    Interface: [IMPROVED] PM Pop up contains a direct link to the latest message (saves a few clicks&#33
    Interface: [IMPROVED] Printable Version of topic HTML makeover

    Active Users: [NEW] Admin Group ability to view "anonymous" users
    Active Users: [NEW] Admin Group ability to view online user IP addresses
    Active Users: [NEW] Link to topic with topic name a user is browsing

    Registering: [NEW] Anti "Flood Bot / DoS" control when registering, forces user to input a random numeric string shown in images
    Registering: [NEW] Error messages printed above the form, no more hitting "back" to correct the form!

    Subscriptions: [NEW] Ability to "auto track" topics you participate in
    Subscriptions: [NEW] Ability to receive notification of new topics in a forum via "Forum Subscription" feature
    Subscriptions: [IMPROVED] Viewing current subscriptions list grouped by forum
    Subscriptions: [IMPROVED] Frequency of emails for tracked topics increased to 1 per board visit

  2. Hi,

    schau dir mal diesen Ratgeber an. Dort findet man viele Hilfestellungen.
    Registrieren bzw. einloggen, um diese und auch andere Anzeigen zu deaktivieren
  3. Neue Features in Version 1.1 des Forums #2
    Also wenn ich das jetzt richtig geschnallt habe, hat da wohl jemand gearbeitet!

  4. Neue Features in Version 1.1 des Forums #3
    Avatar von Pascal
    jo, aber ned wir ;D

  5. Neue Features in Version 1.1 des Forums #4
    Egal, wenn es dem Board dient, oder?

  6. Neue Features in Version 1.1 des Forums #5
    Avatar von Pascal
    jep, wird zwar ne relativ lange downtime geben, bis wirs installiert haben, aber das isses wert

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